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Why should you choose us?

Our company implements complete systems. Design, machine selection, engineering materials and works, as well as installation, adjustment and maintenance of the heat pump are also part of our service.
We have years of experience in making our customers' dreams come true.

Energy from air

In Europe today, wood and natural gas are still the number one heating materials. In addition, more and more people are realizing the potential inherent in air-to-water heat pump systems. Learn more about its operation and benefits!

EVI - a new, improved compressor technology

The EVI (Enhanced Vapor Injection) technology makes it possible to create increased compressor performance (even extremely) in an external air environment with changing temperatures, thereby ensuring optimal operation even in very cold conditions. The development makes it possible to create an increased compressor performance, thereby ensuring operation in cooler conditions even without the preheating unit.
The essence of EVI is that a separate circuit was built in the heat pump after the condenser. This circuit is automatically activated in case of low temperature and leads 10-25% of the liquid working medium leaving the condenser to a separate, so-called aftercooling evaporator. This reduces the load on the main evaporator. During post-cooling, the separated working medium passes through a heat exchanger, where it further cools and turns back into gas. The cooled, gasified working medium is cooled by injecting it into the compressor head between two compressor cycles. The working medium supplied through the steam injection inlet can be used to actively cool the compressor head, i.e. the limit of the compressor's performance can be pushed, and high heating performance can be achieved even at lower external temperatures.
If you are thinking about buying a heat pump, it is definitely worth considering the presence of modern EVI technology as a consideration in your choice.

Legkevesebb ráfordított költség
It can be permanently operated with the least amount of expenditure.
Nincs CO2 kibocsátás
No CO2 emissions and no emissions of any harmful substances.
Teljes fosszilis energiahordozó függetlenség
Complete independence from fossil energy carriers, which is an increasingly important aspect due to the rising price of natural gas.
A few words about us...

The first company of the group was founded in 1992. For more than 30 years, we have considered it important to realize our customers' ideas with the best of our knowledge, and to contribute to the business success of their businesses with our services and products.
Our information technology, low current and operating experience led to the design, implementation and management of heat pump systems through smart house solutions. Become our partner!

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