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Kospel HPM2.C heat pump system

The Kospel HPM2.C heat pump system consisting of the external unit HPMO2 and the internal 3in1 type HPMD unit for installation in new and renovated houses.

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The HPM2.C system includes:

  • external unit HPMO2
  • internal “3in1” type HPMD unit
  • external temperature sensors
  • room temperature sensors
  • 2 heating circuit sensors

Internal Unit HPMD 3in1

Combines the functions of (1) a hydraulic module with a system controller, (2) a domestic hot water tank, and (3) a heating buffer. Its compact design allows for easy installation.

  • heat pump control panel
  • contaminant separator
  • circulation pump
  • safety valve, electronic pressure gauge, automatic air vent
  • electric heating unit
  • three-way diverter valve
  • remote control (C.MI2 module)
  • compatible with other heat sources, e.g., gas boiler
  • Amount of domestic hot water optimal for 3-5 people
  • electronic anode (titanium)
  • supports heat pump defrosting as well as room heating and cooling
  • partition prevents mixing of hot supply water with cold water returning to the buffer

External Unit HPMO2

Inverter monoblock heat pump

  • Energy class: A+++(35 °C)/A++ (55 °C)
  • EVI injection system ensures high efficiency and water temperature up to 60°C
  • Broad operating range at external air temperatures from -25°C to +43°C
  • Quiet operation – sound pressure level at 1m distance: 52 to 56 dB(A) depending on the chosen device power – Q2 coefficient
  • Planar room cooling or compatibility with fan coil units
  • Condensate frost protection
  • Smooth power modulation ensures optimal operation depending on heating needs

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